"The Snowy Monaro is very well known for its pristine surrounding environment. As residents we are reliant on fundamental services for a healthy and prosperous future. Waste management practices, disposal and recycling opportunities we embrace are an integral part of our positive development.  Snowy Skips is dedicated to embracing positive change and benefits we can provide to the waste industry. Our goal is to provide a service that implements industry leading waste practices and promote environmental and local economic improvements".

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Our Recycling Goals and Environmental Strategies for the Future 

Snowy Skips is constantly evaluating ways in which we can recycle and divert waste from Landfill. From our own observations of skip contents recycling in the Construction & Demolition Industry of the Monaro has huge potential.


Plasterboard Recycling Facts and Implementing Change 

  • Did you know Plasterboard (often called Gyprock) is 100% recyclable!
  • Increasing development in the region has seen a greater volume passing through to Landfill.
  • It is primarily made of Gypsum, a natural product extracted via quarrying methods in certain parts of Australia. By recycling we can alleviate these natural resources and minimise transport movements into and throughout our local road networks.
  • It can be recycled into granules and used to improve land as a soil amendment. This will not only improve local land productivity, but helps our community fight the infestation and rapid spread of noxious weeds. Recent agronomy studies have shown that soil improvement and fertility will promote the growth of local native grass species which in turn help suppress noxious weeds such as African lovegrass (Eragrostis curvula).                            

In consultation with local landholders we are in the process of developing and implementing a plasterboard recycling process which meets all environmental requirements for testing, processing and application. From a logistical viewpoint  it is quite energy intensive to bring virgin Gypsum to the local Snowy Monaro area for application. This is combined with the problem of plasterboard manufacturers being too far to viably return for recycling. Snowy Skips is looking at alternatives. Our goal is to see 100% of unused Plasterboard recycled in the local construction industry to benefit the local community on multiple levels.


Please ask about our Plasterboard recycling program and how you can help us develop it. If you have clean unused off-cuts that you wish to dispose of thoughtfully, we can supply you with a Plasterboard only bin. 



We wish to grow our recycling services in the Construction & Demolition sector in the future. Our goal is to recycle Plasterboard, Concrete, Bricks, Masonry and Timber products, then expand our range from there. Although it may not be on a large scale compared to our city dwelling cousins, rest assured it will make a big difference.