Thank you for choosing Snowy Skips for your waste requirements and excavation requirements. Please read these terms and conditions carefully to minimise environmental impacts and maintaining the health and safety of all parties involved.

  1. Terms and Conditions must be read by the customer prior to hiring. If any clarification is required please contact us. 
  2. Bin hire is for 7 days unless pre-arranged. A standard rate of $15/ day there after is payable over a 7 day standard hire period. If you would like a bin collected before a 7 day cycle please contact us for early collection.
  3. The maximum weight included in any quoted price is 300 kilograms. Any extra weight over this will be charged at the standard local landfill rate for the specific waste type. Household waste for example in a 2 cubic meter bin is generally below this 300 kilogram weight.
  4. Maximum allowable waste in a bin is 1 tonne (1000 kilograms).   This applies to our 2 cubic meter bins. A standard hourly rate for the driver may apply for unloading of the bin if it clearly overloaded. We are responsible for the safety of everyone whilst our bins are being transported and there will be no exceptions for the overloading of an skip bin.
  5. Payment is to be made prior to delivery. This is not applicable to customers who hold an account with us, or customers using our Excavation services during the hire period.
  6. Delivery of a bin is solely at Snowy Skips discretion. Clearance of 3 meters wide by 3.5 meters high at a minimum is required for delivery.  There are many reasons our truck cannot physically place a bin exactly where you would like it (even with snow chains fitted in some circumstances). These maybe due to the ground not being suitable or too steep/uneven for safe operation.  Any vehicle cleaning or towing charges arising from our specialised Trucks becoming stuck whilst on the delivery site will be the responsibility of the customer.  If you are unsure please send us a photo prior to ordering, or preferably ask for a site assessment.
  7. Delivery of a Bin on any public land must have a council permit. Please discuss with us how to obtain a permit to deliver, out the front of your residence for example. Any fines or infringement notices will be the customers responsibility for bins placed on land which requires a permit or third party consent. 
  8. Only fill to top most point of the Skip Bin rim.  For health and safety reasons waste above this will have to be left at the point of pickup and may incur a $55/per hour surcharge for the driver to unload the bin. Please also clause number 4 in these terms and conditions of hire.
  9. If we arrive to retrieve a bin and are unable to do so, a $100 surcharge will apply. Please contact us prior to the pick up date if you feel we cannot freely access to the bin. A surcharge of $15/per day hire rate will be charged until we can access the bin freely for pickup. Please make all attempts possible to assure access is clear prior to an arranged pickup time and date. We can provide witches hats and signage for things such as car parking areas to help with this compliance clause.
  10. Damage to any bin whilst on hire will be the sole responsibility of the customer.  Upon delivery we retain the right to photograph and document the bin condition prior to departure of our delivery vehicle. If damaged, whilst being repaired a standard rate of $15/per day will also apply until the bin can be put back in operation. All repair costs will be the responsibility of the customer. 
  11. Bins must stay in the exact position they where delivered. Be mindful of where the bin is to be placed on a site for the duration of the hire period. A standard surcharge of $100 will be charged if we are called out to relocate a bin on your site. Moving of a bin by anyone other than our staff is strictly prohibited. 
  12. Where a bin has become permanently stained, defaced or heavily soiled whilst in the customers possession a cleaning or re-painting fee may apply. For example, dirt which has become stuck over a majority of the bin or wet paint splashed on the outside of the bin. We have a duty of care not to transport any bins which would be classed as an Insecure load. If the driver has to remove stuck/wedged materials (such as dried mud) from the outside of the bin to comply with transport legal requirements this may also be charged to the customer depending on the extent of the work required to dislodge it.
  13. Whilst we are either delivering or picking up at your chosen location, we will not be liable for any damage outside of our control. 
  14. No fires are to be lit in any bin.
  15. If non conforming waste types are placed in a bin, professional removal/cleaning charges will apply before pickup. Please carefully read the allowable waste types in the drop down navigation menu on this website and contact us for any clarification. If the waste placed in the bin is of a hazardous, prescribed or restricted nature and has to be handled and removed  by a third party, all costs associated with the removal of the substance from the bin prior to pickup will solely be the customers responsibility. If we cannot pick up a bin due to non conforming wastes within, a $100 surcharge will apply. A daily hire rate will also be applicable until such stage as the bin is safe to pickup  Everyone's safety is a priority above all else, please be aware of what is going into a bin!
  16. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor what enters the bin whilst in their possession. Please be mindful of a bin placed near a public place for example. Unfortunately it is common  that an unsolicited persons may also use the bin without your permission. This is common on construction sites where a bin is left unattended for extended periods. Snowy Skips is not responsible for any waste that is placed in a bin without consent whilst in a customers possession.